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Not only does Ellen Pompeo play Meredith Grey, surgeon and supermom, on Grey’s Anatomy, but we’d imagine her schedule is pretty busy otherwise, too. Fortunately, this week she finally got a break from filming — today was her day off! And today, we found out what Ellen likes to do on her days off… when she’s not acting as a personal assistant to her daughter, Stella, anyway.

So who did Ellen spend her day with? The Queen, of course — Queen Latifah, that is.

Ellen Instagrammed a super cute photo she took with Latifah on the set of her talk show, grinning with her tongue out. “I spend my days off with royalty,” Ellen said.

And if that adorable selfie isn’t enough for you, you can’t miss this shot of the two of them chatting it up, taken by The Queen Latifah Show’s hairdresser, Melanie. “Pompeo and the Queen. Gorgeous,” Melanie said.

Just like Meredith, even Ellen can’t help but work on her days off.

Although we suspect filming Grey’s can’t be that terrible — have you seen this pic of Ellen’s epic pillow fight with co-star Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson)? We wish we had that much fun at work!

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Source: Ellen Pompeo on Instagram