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Ellen Pompeo may have signed on to play Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy for two more years, but just in case she decides to retire from acting after that, she’s got a backup plan: Airplane pilot!

This week, Ellen shared a photo from the cockpit of a Virgin Airlines plane, where she took the pilot’s seat. We’re so jealous! Do you think they gave her those little golden wings? She didn’t stay up there for long, though — her next Instagram post came from the cheap seats. Bummer. We were hoping she’d reenact our favorite scene from Bridesmaids!

“Decided to get my ass back where I belong,” Ellen wrote along with the second pic.

Ellen’s not the only member of the Grey’s cast with wings — co-star Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) has been known to take a plane out for a casual spin… with the occasional mishap, of course.

We’re glad to see Ellen’s character’s unlucky break with planes hasn’t dampened her opinion of flying. When Shonda Rhimes isn’t calling the shots, every day travel is a lot less eventful.

Would you fly Ellen Airlines? Hit the comments and let us know which members of the Grey's cast you'd want to see on your flight! 

Source: Instagram