Ellis Grey Had a Lovechild? 5 Reasons This Grey’s Anatomy Twist Is Hard to Swallow
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Grey's Anatomy

Ellis Grey Had a Lovechild? 5 Reasons This Grey’s Anatomy Twist Is Hard to Swallow

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) may have grown up without much family, but it turns out she has all sorts of half-sisters out there in the world. The Season 10 finale left us with this bombshell: Dr. Pierce (Kelly McCreary) is Ellis Grey's daughter, who was given up for adoption. Yep.

Given that Dr. Pierce is African American, we're definitely supposed to assume Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) is the father. He certainly seemed to leap to the conclusion, and we have to admit it's rife with emotional storytelling potential.

That said, we're having a hard time buying this twist. Is it completely impossible? Of course not, especially in the world of Grey's, where crazier things happen on a regular basis. Still, we can't help but note these five reasons why we're not sold on this plot development just yet.

1. So many doctors accidentally getting pregnant all the time. We know that all forms of birth control isn’t 100 percent effective (aside from abstinence), but we have to roll our eyes at yet another accidental pregnancy coming from one of the docs at the hospital formerly know as Seattle Grace. The writers have played this card one too many times. These are doctors; they know how to use birth control.

2. Would Ellis really have had an unwanted child? We know the choice to have an abortion is a very difficult, personal one. And it's obviously not out of the question that even the most career-driven woman would choose to carry her child to term and give it up for adoption, especially if she was attached to it because of her love for Richard. That said, from everything we've ever seen of Ellis Grey... yeah, we just have a hard time seeing her picking this far more complicated path.

3. Could she really hide the pregnancy? Again, this is possible, but it is at best, a highly soapy plot twist. We're supposed to believe Ellis Grey hid her pregnancy from the entire medical community? Because even if she had this baby while she was in Boston, right after leaving Richard, we have a hard time imagining the news wouldn't have gotten to Richard somehow over the intervening years if her co-workers knew.

4. Would she hide the baby? Also, we have to throw this out there: If Dr. Pierce really is Ellis's child with Richard, why wouldn't she have told him? This is a woman who slit her wrists in an attempt to get him back; you'd think she have been willing to play the baby card.

5. This never came up when she had Alzheimer's? Ellis spilled what feels like every other intimate detail of her life while she had Alzheimer's, but there was never the slightest hint of a hidden child. Again possible, but it feels contrived.

All that said, we're willing to roll with this twist. It could turn out to be very interesting — even if we have a hard time believing it quite makes sense.

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