Embalming Is Delicious! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5
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The Bachelor

Embalming Is Delicious! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5

The Bachelor is full of sensationally uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. We present to you our top cringe-worthy picks from Season 15, Episode 5. Let the good times roll... right into Awkwards-ville:

3. Embalming over dinner, yum!
Did you know the purpose of embalming is to replace the body’s blood with chemical? And can you pass the salt? There are a lot of awkward topics to discuss over dinner — on a first date, no less — but embalming has to be near the top. Shawntel Newton was nervous about revealing her profession to Brad Womack (it’s not like she’s a stripper or anything), but Brad was fascinated by the life of a funeral director and embalmer. He asked for details, then wondered aloud if he really wanted to know. The answer was no, but we heard all about it anyway.

Shawntel: “I’m going to eat as I’m talking.”
Brad: “That makes one of us then. Please eat while you're talking about embalming a human being. Have at it.” Nasty!

2. The Emily Date is fun for no one
What’s the opposite of romantic? Depressing turnoff? That’s the story of the disastrous NASCAR date. Emily Maynard keeps crying, and Brad spends all his time comforting her. It makes sense, considering her background, but it’s not a this-is-the-start-of-a-love-story sympathy. It’s just one nice person trying to help another through a rough situation, to the detriment of the seven other people on the same date. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, little Lisa Morrisey won the NASCAR time trials, but that was apparently meaningless. Emily received the date rose, and Lisa got the boot. All the women were right to whine about Brad’s time with Emily; they should get into their racecars and drive over the producers for this one.

1. Ashley vs. Ashley … plus Elvis
Two-on-one dates are always awkward, but there’s something particularly off about this one. Molly Mesnick mentions that it felt rushed it in her vlog this week, and she’s right — usually we see the Bachelor having one-on-one time with the ladies before dumping one or both. Instead, we see Brad and the Ashleys preparing for “Viva Elvis” while listening to both women — who are best friends in the house — talk to the camera about their fears. Then suddenly we’re at the dinner table and Brad tells Ashley Spivey she’ll be an extraordinary wife… for someone else. And that’s not even the most awkward part! The worst is the quick cut to Brad and Ashley Hebert having a blast performing in the “Viva Elvis” show — including AH calling it one of the best nights of her life — while we watch Ashley S. sob in the limo to the tune of “Are You Lonesome Tonight.” Yikes.

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