Emily and Jef Updates! Bachelorette News of the Week — August 19, 2012
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Emily and Jef Updates! Bachelorette News of the Week — August 19, 2012

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are on opposite sides of the country this week, with Jef back in Utah on the daily People Water grind, and Emily back in Charlotte on the daily cat lady grind. But, a change is comin’, people, and it’s essential that you keep abreast of your favorite Bachelorette lovebirds as they head towards cohabitation. Here’s the top Emily and Jef news of the week:

Jef Plans to Move to Charlotte in September — and Maybe Coach Ricki’s Soccer Team?
We’re having flashbacks to that early episode in The Bachelorette Season 8, when Jef adorably ran around the playground with a gaggle of children. Memo to ABC: get Team Jem their own television show ASAP. Read more about Jef’s big Charlotte move!

Jef Holm on What He and Emily Are Most Looking Forward to About Being Married
Jef tells The Huffington Post about his trip to Africa with Emily, where they want to take Ricki this fall, and how they’re excited to be parents together! Read more!

Ashley and JP Dish on Meeting Jef Holm for The First Time!
Spoiler alert: He’s a great guy and they seem “very much in love.” To read the rest of our exclusive interview with Team Cupcake, click here!

Jef Tweets a Sweet Flashback Photo
Apparently feeling nostalgic, Jef tweeted this adorable photo of himself all dressed up and ready to tell the world he’s engaged to Emily! To see Jef looking hot in a suit, click here!

5 Things We Want to See at Jef and Emily’s Wedding
Number 1: Arie as Best Man. Check out the rest of our wish list for the Jemily nuptials here!