Emily Kinney on Beth’s Walking Dead Season 5 Storyline: “It’s Been a Little Sad”
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Emily Kinney on Beth’s Walking Dead Season 5 Storyline: “It’s Been a Little Sad”

Just when Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was finally given a big role on The Walking Dead, they drove her away and dumped her on what looks like a completely different show. As you’ve probably seen by now, the Season 5 Comic-Con trailer first seemed to end with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) blasting the bejesus out of everything on a bridge, then there was a mini trailer following the adventures of Beth. She was in some kind of creepy hospital place — part of a system, but not apparently “the greater good.” (Smack!)

While at Comic-Con, Emily talked to Zap2it about her individual storyline. "For me it's been a little sad. Obviously I've been separated from them, so I haven't gotten to see my friends and coworkers — you know, the cast — as much. But it's been really fun. I've got some new skills. I'm ready." She's the new sheriff in town!

In case you were wondering if a Beth bottle episode is coming up, that might just be happening. TWD comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told Zap2it Beth's story may play out like others who were separated from the group last season. "As you saw in Season 4, we can say 'OK, now there's just going to be an episode of Tyreese and Carol and a bunch of kids that's really sad, and we're going to focus on these characters for this, these characters on that,'" RK said. "It's something that we've had the freedom to be able to do, so I would expect a little bit more of that here and there as we progress."

We’ve already heard that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will get an episode with one other character, so if it isn’t Beth then maybe we’ll have more than one bottle ep in the first half. All we want is for the whole band to get back together and stay back together, but that’s going to take some work, so we’re excited to see how the characters fight to find each other, then figure out what to do next.

Are you excited for Beth’s storyline in Season 5? Do you hope she reunites with the group fairly early in the season — if for no other reason than so poor Emily won’t feel ostracized?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Source: Zap2it