Bones’ Emily Deschanel on Brennan and Booth’s Wedding: It’s a Huge Step For Her — Exclusive
Bones’ Emily Deschanel on Brennan and Booth’s Wedding: It’s a Huge Step For Her — Exclusive
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Bones’ Emily Deschanel on Brennan and Booth’s Wedding: It’s a Huge Step For Her — Exclusive


Here comes the bride! Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) are finally getting married on Bones Season 9, and Emily Deschanel couldn’t be more thrilled. When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with her at the TCA All-Star Party, Emily explained how Brennan and Booth will get from being in a pretty bad place to ready to walk down the aisle.

Are you excited about the wedding?

I'm very excited.

How did you find out?

I was shocked. I called the office a month and a half ago. I don't know when it was, maybe it was six weeks ago, just to check in and see what's going on. And I talked to Stephen Nathan, and he said, we were going to get married this season. And I was like, what? Don't you want to find out if this is our last season first? Isn't that something you do at the very end? And he said, it's going to happen this season. So I was surprised, but I'm excited.

But you already have a child, which is a major commitment.

Absolutely. But that's an accidental commitment. They didn't intend to have a child. They got together one night.

And now, they are in a committed relationship with a child. What do you think marriage will change?

I think it's a huge step for Brennan. She has to kind of take this leap of faith and accept the fact that she really doesn't know what the future will bring, but she will still want to be with this man and still love him, and that's a huge leap for her. So I think it will change who she is and her outlook because she doesn't take leaps. She just takes information and makes conclusions from them. She doesn't jump into something, so it's a huge change for her.

Why do you think she's ready after all these years?

I think her love for Booth has changed her. I think when you meet somebody who you love deeply, that changes you, and in this case, I think for good. And I think that, love is a powerful, beautiful thing, and I think that's seeing that he's still there and still around, and she's been a partner with him for a while and probably wanted to be romantically involved with him for a while even though she didn't admit it. The fact that he's still there says something to her. He changes her idea of what love is. So it's changed her.

Where do we take that?

Well, Booth and Brennan are not in a good place. Brennan doesn't understand why Booth has turned down her proposal, and Booth is really conflicted and feeling guilt. And so he's very disconnected and not around, and Brennan is confused and sad. So they're not really in a good place. So you kind of see that from the beginning, and they slowly kind of things. And Brennan starts to consider believing – not believing in faith – but having some faith, which is the thing she always said she wouldn't do. And the religious thing, I think faith to her means religion, and she doesn't believe in that. She believes in absolutes. She believes in science. She believes in data. She doesn't believe in believing in something when she has no proof. She has to believe that Booth has good reason to turn her down, even though she has no proof of that.

When do you feel the biggest change in her, as far as trusting?

I think huge changes were made last season. I think it's been a very gradual thing over the last eight years. And then huge changes happen last season, the last episode, for one, when she made that leap to propose to Booth. I think that was huge leaps and bounds to make, and I think it's been a slow change, but then for her to break down each brick of her wall and then it kind of came tumbling down in a dam.

What still has you excited about her and her relationship on the show?

Well, we get to go undercover in a couple's retreat, so that's lots of fun. And as usual, we're one of the most conspicuous people there. I'm not sure if we do undercover very well because we always stand out.

What do you still love about the show?

I love the changes. I'm learning new things, learning about where our characters are going. I get excited every time I read that, and the huge challenges as an actor. So I love having the same character, but changing.

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