Emily Gilmore Will Be a “Raw Nerve” in \'Gilmore Girls: Seasons\'
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Emily Gilmore Will Be a “Raw Nerve” in ‘Gilmore Girls: Seasons’


When Netflix confirmed the Gilmore Girls revival, a dark shadow hung over the happy news: the death of Edward Herrmann, who played lovable Gilmore patriarch Richard Gilmore.

Kelly Bishop, who brought his doting wife Emily Gilmore to life, seems to be feeling that same sadness as filming begins tomorrow, February 2.

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“It’s going to be very hard doing it without him, because he and I were buds on the show,” the 71-year-old admitted to TVLine, saying they connected as classic New York thespians.

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And her on-screen counterpart will feel Edward’s absence just as much. Kelly’s nearly finished with her third script from Gilmore Girls: Seasons, and says Emily will be “kind of a raw nerve” as a widow, especially in the premiere.

“In a desperate attempt to push through [her grief], she blows between right on the edge of losing it to almost being a little manic,” the original Dirty Dancing mom said.

But Kelly isn’t the only exciting character coming back to Star’s Hollow.

Yanic Truesdale’s sardonic Michel is officially returning to his desk. The Canadian actor confirmed he’s revival ready with a behind-the-scenes Twitter pic.

Liza Weil’s Paris should also be scheduled to return since Kelly revealed, “It’s unbelievable what Amy has written for Paris. People are going to have so much fun with it.”

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Now this all would be really great if we knew whether we would be getting a glimpse into Dean Forester’s and Jess Mariano’s lives. Anyone have Jared Padalecki’s or Milo Ventimiglia’s numbers?

Gilmore Girls: Seasons premieres in late 2016 on Netflix.