Emily Kinney: The Walking Dead Season 5’s First Episode “Is Gonna Be Really Fun”
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Emily Kinney: The Walking Dead Season 5’s First Episode “Is Gonna Be Really Fun”

Where the heck is Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and when will we learn her fate in The Walking Dead Season 5? No one is going to spoil that mystery before its time, even though fans are feverishly looking for any signs of Beth/Emily on set. Emily has to play coy about her own character’s future, but she’s as excited about Season 5 as everyone else, and she talked a bit about the filming process while doing radio interviews to promote her EP, Expired Love.

“Yeah so we film the season May through November so we’re like right in the thick of it,” Emily told The Power Hour, “probably not really half way though, but sometimes we shoot things out of order and things like that, but we’re right in the middle of it though. It’s been great. We’ve got a lot of fans showing up and hanging out on set, which is different than other years. Sort of exciting. It’s going great. It’s tough like every year, where every day is different. Sometimes we’re in the middle of the night. Sometimes we’re outdoors. It’s a lot of action.”

Emily said she really loves reading the scripts, saying each new episode ends up being her favorite. What else could she say about S5, without giving too much away? “I think just that first … just seeing how the group is going to get out of the situation they’re in is gonna be really exciting and really crazy and a roller-coaster, and I think just right out of the gate that first episode is gonna be really fun.” The situation they’re in is literally in a Terminus train car. Considering all of the “disturbing” teases we’ve read about the premiere, it’s good to hear more about it also being fun.

Emily teased more answers in an interview with Jaime in the Morning, saying Season 5 will be “very action packed from the beginning. You're going to get a lot of information right way.” She didn’t say we’d get information about Beth right away. Maybe that will happen, maybe not. The Powers That Be have only promised premiere episode intel on Terminus and what the residents have been up to all this time. No set date has been issued for Beth stuff, since she is their resident ace mystery card. She must be played at exactly the right time!

Still, Beth or no Beth, the S5 premiere is meant to be the most ambitious episode so far and hopefully it sets the tone for the best season yet.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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