Emily Kinney Reveals How The Walking Dead Has Changed Her Life
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The Walking Dead

Emily Kinney Reveals How The Walking Dead Has Changed Her Life

The Walking Dead star Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) is 28 years old and has only been on TWD for three plus seasons, but she can already sense that the AMC hit has had a profound impact on her life in more ways than one. The Nebraska native, who also has a burgeoning music career to speak of, recently chatted with NYLON magazine about how her time on TWD shaped her and it’s clear that the hit show will always hold a very special place in her heart, no matter what happens going forward.

The Walking Dead has changed my life, at first little by little, and now I look back and realize the impact has been huge,” Emily begins. “I've never worked on a show for so long. I'm so emotionally attached. Many of the actors and crew and producers and writers have become like family. I've become a better actor because I'm working with amazing actors and directors, etc. and they are the best example.”

We haven’t worked with ‘em, but pretty much everyone is in agreement that the TWD cast and crew is stellar. We got a hint at how close Emily is to everyone when she said goodbye to her on-screen pops, Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) in a video from the set which showed that she could hardly keep from shedding a few tears.

But according to Emily, the cast and crew are just part of the reason why TWD has been such a transformative experience. ”Having an audience is the best gift that you can give to an actor, or any artist,” she continues. “The Walking Dead has an audience of millions. It is extremely satisfying. Many actors, songwriters, etc. work away on things in their room or their apartment that may never be seen or received.”

Agreed! Emily’s Beth may be stuffed in a trunk somewhere, but millions of people are anxiously waiting for her return, which we know is “definite.” There’s also no doubt that the airtime Emily has gotten on TV has helped to fuel her music career and it’s clear she’s very grateful for that.

Are you surprised that TWD has changed Emily’s life so drastically? Tell us what you think of her take below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Source: NYLON