Emily Kinney’s 3 Best Scenes as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead Season 4
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Emily Kinney’s 3 Best Scenes as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead Season 4

There was a time when, frankly, we couldn't see the point of Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) on The Walking Dead. Sure, she helped to babysit baby Judith, but was that all she had to offer? The question was answered in Season 4 — at least in the second half — when Beth was not only given a point, she was left the main point of fan speculation going into Season 5. Who would've imagined so much Beth focus this time last year?

Emily Kinney was really put to work this season, winning over new fans just as she won over Daryl “Last Man Standing” Dixon (Norman Reedus)

Here are three of her best Season 4 scenes, in order of appearance.

1. Beth Cries Over Peach Schnapps (But Not Really), Episode 12

Beth just wanted to live a little before she died. Bouncing from camp to camp, hiding from walkers, making fire, listening to Daryl say nothing — that wasn’t living, it was just breathing in and out. She had a decent life before the outbreak and in another world maybe she’d be enjoying the occasional cocktail at a college party right about now. Beth wanted a taste of that life she didn’t get to have — in part because her late father Hershel was so anti-booze — so she led Daryl on a wild (turkey?) goose chance for her first drink. They found some sauce at an intriguing country club (please make a webisode about this place) but when Beth sat herself down to drink some peach schnapps, she broke down. It wasn’t really because peach schnapps is a lousy first drink, it was everything it represented. This was Beth growing up, as much as she was going to, and moving on from her life “Before.” It was a lot to take in, and it wore her down — and we saw Beth cry in a way that she had held in for the death of her boyfriend Zach, and during the prison illness, and at so many other times. But peach schnapps really isn’t a great first drink.

Emily Kinney’s 3 Best Scenes as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead Season 4
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

2. Beth Misses Her Family, Knows Daryl Will Miss Her, Episode 12

“Still” was a great showcase for both Beth and Daryl, the least likely pair to ever have a blowout fight outside a moonshiner’s cabin. Beth just wanted to play “I Never” with Daryl, but that set him off and led to a massive fight. It ended with his tears and her hug. Daryl eventually revealed his past — that he was a nobody before the outbreak. “Some redneck a**hole with an even bigger a**hole for a brother.” Beth missed Maggie bossing her around. She missed her big brother Shawn, even if he was annoying and overprotective. And she missed her dad. She wanted him to live the rest of his life in peace. She thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby and Hershel could be a grandpa. We wanted that too. Beth told Daryl she wished she could just change. She’s not made for this world like Daryl. She sat across from him in the cabin and it was like she could see her own future. She’ll be gone, but he’ll be the last man standing. “You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.” It was a little bit flirtatious, but a lot more wistful — with the kind of hopeful, ethereal innocence Emily pulls off so well. And of course it was good foreshadowing.

3. Beth Finds Beauty Left in a Dying World, Episode 13

Beth represented hope for Daryl — she was his candle in the darkness, as Norman put it. She best exemplified that in “Alone,” when reminding Daryl that there are still good people left in the world. They held hands at the gravestone of a beloved father, both remembering Hershel. Inside, Daryl initially planned to “take care of” anyone living in there, but Beth made a case for the previous resident as someone who cared about people. He or she never forgot that walkers were human. She said that was beautiful, and turned to Daryl to ask, didn’t he think that was beautiful? He looked at her in silence, but it was such a Beth moment. Gentle and guileless, even in this world. She convinced Daryl that good people can survive, and even earned a bit of a look from him across the table. It was a loaded look, which she followed with “oh,” as if she was surprised and not quite sure she knew where that was heading. (Join the club.) Beth even got Daryl on board with her music; he asked her to keep singing as he lay in a coffin, going all marshmallow vampire on us.

We never would’ve imagined a scene like that existing, never mind having it truly be beautiful for both characters. But that’s the kind of thing that gives us hope for Beth in Season 5. She was abducted, it seemed, by someone in a dark car with a white cross on the back. But if Beth can win over Daryl to such an extent, and in such a short period of time, we have hope that she can melt the hearts of anyone else she meets. Heck, she won us over too and we never imagined that either!

What were your favorite Beth moments of Season 4? Do you hope to see a lot of her in Season 5?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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