Emily Maynard and Ali Fedotowsky: Reappearing on The Bachelorette?!
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Emily Maynard and Ali Fedotowsky: Reappearing on The Bachelorette?!

Breaking news, friends. Emily Maynard, Ashley Hebert and Ali Fedotowsky are returning to The Bachelorette! Well, kind of.

We couldn't be more excited about this Monday's Bachelorette "Men Tell All" special, wherein Desiree Hartsock will come face-to-face with more than a dozen of her ex-boyfriends during a group therapy session facilitated by Chris Harrison. Men Tell All is always chock full of surprises, but the biggest jaw-dropper of them all? Des will get an unexpected visit from the Ghosts of Bachelorette Past!

That's right, give a warm welcome back to Ashley, Emily, and Ali, all of whom are hitting up the MTA! But why?

Turns out these ladies are giving Des a few words of wisdom as she enters the final frontier of her Bachelorettedom. Ali teased the cameo in her E! Bachelorette Blog. "Make sure to tune in because Ashley, Emily, and I will be making a quick appearance on the show to give Desiree some advice."

We are so there.

Ashley, Em and Ali all had very different Bachelorette experiences (Ashley ended up marrying the guy of her dreams, while Em and Ali broke off their engagements), so they're sure to have all kinds of expert musings for Des.

Of course, we can't forget that Desiree has already picked out her winner, so we're thinking that Ashley, Emily, and Ali will dish advice on how to take her relationship out of the spotlight and into the real world!

What do you think the three musketeers will say to Des? Weigh in below!

Source: E!