Emily Maynard: Andi Dorfman Likes Josh Murray But I’m Not Sure Why
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Emily Maynard: Andi Dorfman Likes Josh Murray But I’m Not Sure Why

Josh Murray and his groomed eyebrows won lots of points with viewers on The Bachelorette Episode 5, finally shedding his giggle-puss persona and getting real with our girl Andi Dorfman on their 1-on-1 date in Marseilles. The two used their lips for talking instead of snogging, and bonded over how they’d both been cheated on in the past. Then they made out.

While Andi said the girl talk moment took their relationship to a “whole new level,” newly married Emily Maynard was less than impressed. In her Parade blog, the former Bachelorette questioned what Andi sees in the tall handsome one, writing “It’s clear that Andi really likes Josh, but I’m still trying to figure him out to be honest.” Queen Em is an expert at dissecting relationships — she’s been engaged four times, after all — so if she thinks this pairing is a puzzler...

The problem is that the Emster doesn’t seem to think there’s much to Josh to figure out. “I do know two things,” she writes. “1. He likes sports. A lot. 2. I’m taking his picture to the spray tanner because he has the perfect summer glow I’ve been dying for!” We’re so confused, Em. You mean you can’t base a relationship on giant foam fingers and a mutual hate of tan lines? Sorry Josh, sounds like Ump Em is calling you out for balking in clutch moments (sports!).

What do you think of Em’s take on Josh? Is there more to him than tag outs and tan lines?

Source: Emily’s Parade blog