Emily Maynard Would Have Done WHAT To Brooks Forester?!
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Would Have Done WHAT To Brooks Forester?!

You’d think no one cried more than Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock during her emotionally traumatizing breakup with Brooks Forester, but we were pretty destroyed, too. The pompadoured heartbreaker threw fans for a major loop when he crushed Desiree's spirit in Antigua, but her reaction was surprisingly mature. We would have thrown a glass of Franzia at him, shivved him in the pinky (his achilles heel), or poisoned him with tainted pomade.

In fact, Des showed major restraint during her breakup with Brooks and his Forester of hair, whereas — like us — Emily Maynard, would have straight up tried to kill him.

"I tried to put myself in that position, I don't even know what I would have done," Emily told Popsugar. "I think my first instinct would have been to push him in the ocean and just be mad!"

Amen to that, girl. We’ve often fantasized about pushing Brooks into the ocean — if only to see whether or not he'd survive thanks to the natural flotation device that is his hair. Do you think Desiree should have taken a leaf out of Emily's book of hard knocks and been harsher with Brooks? After all, he most definitely led her on throughout their love journey, and his breakup came completely out of left field!

Weigh in below and tell us what you think. Especially if you think Emily should be released into the wilds of Utah to unleash her West Virginia hood rat wrath all over Brooks.

Source: Popsugar via Watch List News