Emily Maynard’s Engagement: Fiancé Tyler Johnson Relives the Proposal
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard’s Engagement: Fiancé Tyler Johnson Relives the Proposal

Emily Maynard's love story with new fiancé Tyler Johnson is a great argument for why people should avoid The Bachelor when it comes to finding The One. (If you're just interested in finding fame or a free trip around the world... this show is perfect!)

Em went through the ABC "process" twice, ending in two broken engagements. But the 27-year-old mom was just on Good Morning America to talk about her fourth ring-pop, which just happened on January 4.

Emily met Tyler at a local church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they started just as friends, which Em told GMA is the reason their relationship is so solid. It helps that Tyler never watched her on TV, and they only connected after she returned from The Bachelorette and things fell apart with Jef Holm. “I think that that’s just a true testament to God’s time and how perfect it is,” Em said. “I couldn’t have planned it better.”

Emily’s fiancé, Tyler, Skyped into the GMA interview from North Carolina, and Lara Spencer asked him to describe how he proposed — not just to Emily but also to Ricki, her 8-year-old daughter with the late Ricky Hendrick.

“We got through Christmas and the New Years and had the girls back home,” the dapper gentleman explained. “It wasn’t long after that, I went over there one morning and woke the girls up, told them I was going to cook them breakfast, and kind of put them back to sleep. And then, [I] brought them downstairs and proposed to both her and Ricki. So it was really special, really simple and a lot of fun for us.”

Emily beamed through Tyler’s speech and told Lara, “it was the sweetest thing ever.” Aww! She didn't share a wedding date, but said it would be "soon." (They should get married on January 26, just to compete with the SeanCat nuptials. May the best wedding win!)

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Emily engaged to a local guy, since this is usually what happens to Bachelor contestants. They don’t find love on the show so they either meet someone fairly quickly back home or re-connect with someone they already knew. The good news is those “real world” relationships tend to work out. So we’re pretty confident the fourth time will be the last time for Em and Ricki to ride this rodeo.

Watch the full GMA interview. Tyler is pretty cute, no?

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