Emily Maynard on Engagement: The Word “Makes My Skin Crawl”
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Emily Maynard on Engagement: The Word “Makes My Skin Crawl”

Emily Maynard is un-betrothed and very happy to be so, thank you very much.

In a new interview with In Touch, Emily Maynard — winner of The Bachelor Season 15 and the 8th Bachelorette — tells the magazine that the mere mention of engagement makes her wince after those two proposals were all for naught.

"Even the word 'engagement' makes my skin crawl," Emily confessed to the mag at a preview event for Emily By Towne & Reese, her new jewelry line. "It gives me anxiety now."

That line, by the way, debuts in July and will be available through Emily's website.

And though she's enjoyed working with the Charlotte, N.C., jewelry company, Emily says that she'd never want to channel her bling-designing skills into crafting her own engagement ring: "I mean, that’s something really special. I think that the man should be in charge of that."

And who is that man? For now, he's just a hypothetical. Emily says that she's loving life as a single lady and devoting her time to pursuits other than the romantic variety.

"It’s just really everything that I love," she enthuses. "Jewelry, girly stuff, blogging, just everything. Focusing on myself, and making myself happy."

Source: In Touch Weekly