Emily Maynard: Every Girl Needs a Guy Like Chris Soules — Why?
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard: Every Girl Needs a Guy Like Chris Soules — Why?

Emily Maynard knows both sides of the Bachelor/ette coin. She beat out 29 other women to “win” Brad Womack’s heart, then experienced the wooing-by-mob factor herself during her reign as Bachelorette in Season 8. Now engaged for the fourth time (to a guy she didn’t meet on a reality show), Em has some experience with this thing called love. So we’re hanging on every southern-drawled word when she tells us we should all be eating our hearts out for one of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette contestants in particular.

In her blog for Parade, the Emster gushes about farmer Chris Soules, who got a one-on-one date with Andi during Episode 2. “I think every single girl in America is looking for a farmer just like him!” she writes. “I remember when I was on the show and a lot of the guys would forget to ask me questions about myself or would forget that I was just as scared as they were. I love that Chris showed a genuine interest in getting to know Andi and really built her confidence up throughout the entire date.” Amen, sistah friend. We loves us a man who knows he’s there to hold our purse and shower us in compliments.

But Emily had more to say. “Not only is he super cute, but he’s also such a gentleman!” Wowsers! If the blonde bombshell hadn’t just celebrated her bachelorette party, we’d be nervous she might swoop in and try and snag Andi’s eye candy for herself. Back off Em, if Andi doesn’t pick the hottie from the heartland, he’s ours and we’re hanging onto him grip of death style.

It appears we're not the only ones who agree with Em’s assessment of Chris as a catch. There are a silo’s worth of rumors floating around that say we’ll have our eyes on the dreamboat for some time. But we knew that already. After all, his photo is our screen saver.

What do you think of Em’s thoughts on Chris? Would you take the Iowan farm boy home to meet ma and pa?

Source: Emily’s Parade blog

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