Emily Maynard Feels “No Pressure to Find a Guy” — Is She Single Again?
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Feels “No Pressure to Find a Guy” — Is She Single Again?

At this point, Emily Maynard may be the only single Bachelorette.

Trista Rehn Sutter, Meredith Phillips, Jen Schefft Waterman, DeAnna Pappas Stagliano and Ashley Hebert are married; Jillian Harris and Ali Fedotowsky have shown off their boyfriends plenty; and Desiree Hartsock just got engaged on TV.

Emily, on the other hand, keeps finding and losing love, from the late Ricky Hendrick to Bachelor Brad Womack and Bachelorette “winner” Jef Holm. Earlier this summer, Emily confirmed she was seeing someone, but a recent interview seems to indicate otherwise.

When Em talked to the Huffington Post about her new jewelry line with Towne & Reese, she was asked how she balances dating and parenting eight-year-old Ricki. Her answer? She doesn’t really. "Ricki goes to bed at 8 or 8:30,” Emily said. “At the end of a long day to get dressed, go out and make small talk is an effort.”

Sounds like Emily simply doesn’t have the energy these days for dating, but she doesn’t seem too worried about it. “Right now, I am under no pressure to find a guy. I'm figuring it out on my own. But I will say this: When I do find him, this man will be the best, because he'll be someone who adds something pretty spectacular to our lives."

We’re glad Emily is happily single, but what about her rumored boyfriend? In June, Us Weekly had a story saying Emily had been dating a guy she met in church named Nick for about six months. The following month, Emily confirmed she had indeed started seeing someone. “I have, yeah, but I've known him for a long time,” Emily admitted. “I met him far before I did the show.” the guy in question is a “local consultant to car dealerships,” and he and Em have been hanging out in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina for long enough that she was willing to talk about it.

Is it the same guy? well, fans have been whispering that Emily has been dating a guy named Tyler Johnson for several months now, and she is following someone on Twitter with that name. His profile reads “God’s son” and lists his location as Charlotte, and he’s following Emily right back.

But if Emily is saying she’s under no pressure to find a guy, and she’s figuring this out on her own, then her relationship with Whoever This Guy Is can’t be that serious. Or maybe she’s just learned to keep the important things private... Whatever she’s up to, good luck to her!

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