Has Emily Maynard Introduced Her New Boyfriend to Ricki?
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Has Emily Maynard Introduced Her New Boyfriend to Ricki?

In case you hadn't heard the epically glorious news, Emily "Backwoods Hood Rat" Maynard has herself a mysterious new boyfriend who works as a “local consultant to car dealerships” in North Carolina. Thank Baby Beysus, because Em's been single since breaking up with Bachelorette winner Jef Holm back in 2012, and her lack of lover has been causing us great anxiety.

Emily likes to keep her private life on the hush-hush, and she's more than a little protective when it comes to her daughter, Ricki Hendrick. Let's not forget that Em refused to introduce Ricki to Jef Holm for weeks — and didn’t introduce her to Arie at all. Naturally, we're wondering if The Rickster has met her momma's new man. You know what that means: the time for sleuthing is upon us.

Emily confirmed that she's been "cozy with someone from church" during a recent interview with WCNC, and considering that Ricki goes to God's House with her mommy dearest, we're thinking she's met the Future Mr. Maynard.

Want more proof? Emily's new love connection is an old friend, which means he's probably been biffles with The Rickster for years! "I've known him for a long time. I met him far before I did the show,” Emily continued.

We understand why Emily wants to keep her relationship on the DL (after all, the media spotlight caused a huge wedge in Jemily), but hopefully she and her boo will come out of the pew and take their relationship to the next level!