Emily Maynard and Jillian Harris: Leave Andi Dorfman Alone About Eric Hill
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Emily Maynard and Jillian Harris: Leave Andi Dorfman Alone About Eric Hill

Since Eric Hill’s dismissal from The Bachelorette on Episode 4, Andi Dorfman has been getting a wee bit o’ flak for what many are calling an over-the-top freak out she aimed at the dimpled adventurer. But fellow Bachelorettes Emily Maynard and Jillian Harris are both coming to her defense, telling the world to just chill and cut the gal some slack.

If you’re new to the story, here’s the dealio: Eric’s charismatic personality and inspirational life story made him a fan favorite, and his untimely death just weeks after leaving the show made him a tragic figure. That’s a very challenging type for Andi to go up against, which she did when she argued with him and then sent him packing pre-Rose Ceremony. The fall out hasn’t been entirely kind, to say the least. Good thing she’s got friends in high places.

In her Parade blog, Season 8 star Emily writes, “let me be the first to say that the first few weeks of this show are not only physically exhausting, but also mentally draining. They don’t show you the hours of interviews she has to do at the end of these long night and the alarm clock that goes off the next morning before the sun even rises.” Emily knows plenty about going off on a contestant, as she herself went West Virginia hood rat backwoods on Kalon McMahon after he called her daughter “baggage.”

In her blog, Season 5 Bachelorette Jilly writes, “If Eric hadn’t of died, I don’t think we would all be as upset — I think there would be a little ruffling of feathers and then it would be let go. But because he isn’t with us anymore — we feel even more sorry for him and anger towards Andi.”

Jillian goes on to say that even if people are mad at Andi, she’s pretty sure they should slow their roll. “I don’t know Eric but I am pretty sure he wouldn’t want us hating on Andi for her emotions — he seems like a pretty cool guy with the ability to let things go.” In the few short episodes we saw of him, we kinda have to agree with our gal Jills. Eric seems like the type who would have let bygones be bygones, then gone off and scaled a mountain or built an orphanage.

Whether you agree with how Andi handled her last convo with Eric or not, Emily sums it up well, concluding “I’m sure she has a lot of regrets and wishes she could redo that conversation, so let’s all take that as a reminder to be kind to each other because you never know what your last words to someone might be.” Amen, sistah friend.

What do you think of Emily and Jillian defending Andi? Do they make good points, or should they stay out of it?

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