Emily Maynard on Nick Viall: Sending Flowers Was “Totally Inappropriate”
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Emily Maynard on Nick Viall: Sending Flowers Was “Totally Inappropriate”

When we think of all the drama that can go down when you lock 25 bros in a house together and tell them to go gloves off over just one lady, Nick Viall sending flowers to Andi Dorfman seems pretty tame. But Season 8 Bachelorette star Emily Maynard wants Nick to shut it down.

Queen Em thought Nick’s floral delivery during Episode 3’s Rose Ceremony was “totally inappropriate.” Since she’s the type of girl who gets bouquets sent to her hourly, we’re wondering if she fully appreciates their significance the way us flowerless lasses do. If we were Andi, we woulda done handstands for flowers sent to us by someone other than our mother. Just sayin.

She also thought the stems probably didn’t appear due to Nicky’s own original thinkin. In her Parade blog she reveals some insider knowledge, writing “First of all, they take away your cell phone so unless Nick communicated with the florist through smoke signals or morse code, I would bet this was 100% the producers trying to stir up drama.” Interesting. We kinda suspected that, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by a seasoned franchise pro.

The soon-to-be-married-but-we’re-not-sure-when Em went on to take the producers to task for timing the delivery during Eric Hill’s much needed alone time with Andi. She thought the play for drama was to be expected, but that “they could’ve done it at the expense of someone who deserved to be brought down a few notches instead of Eric.”

We agree, and now we’re totally curious which guy’s ego Em thinks could have used the downsizing instead of Eric’s. Come on, lady! Tell us who you’d be sending to the left.

What do you think of Em’s assessment? Were Nick’s flowers inappropriate or sweet? Sound off commenters.

Source: Emily's Parade blog