Emily Maynard on Nick Viall: “I Don’t Think He Knew What He Was Getting Into”
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard on Nick Viall: “I Don’t Think He Knew What He Was Getting Into”

Nick Viall has had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease over the past couple episodes of The Bachelorette, rubbing his fellow rose seekers the wrong way by just plain talking. Every time he opens his mouth, the Chicago salesman seems to be selling the other guys something they don’t want to hear — namely, that he’s got Andi Dorfman’s heart signed, sealed, and delivered.

Pretty much anyone who’s ever seen the dating show knows this behavior is a one-way ticket to season villain town, but Emily Maynard is trying to give the boy with a case of the brags a break, saying he could just be clueless. In her Parade blog she writes, “I feel like you can always tell which guys have watched the show and which haven’t, and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think Nick knew what he was getting himself into.”

Hmmm, how does not knowing what you’re getting into excuse your behavior once you’re neck deep? The newly married Em continues, “Anyone who has ever seen the show knows that you should never go back to the house and brag about your date because it’s just an open invitation for all the other guys to throw you under the bus!”

In the sneak peek of Episode 7, the guys look like they can’t find that bus fast enough. “At this point I feel like it’s me and no one else,” says the charmer. “If I were in anyone else’s shoes here, I would just leave.” Cue Josh Murray’s intense face.

It’s possible Nick is just very naive. Or maybe he’s just decided to take a play from former villain Courtney Robertson’s tell-all book and is hoping to cash in on being the guy people hate even more than Andrew Poole.

What do you think? Does Nick know what he’s doing or is he in over his head? Tell us below.

Source: Emily’s Parade blog