Dylan Petitt’s Story Reminds Emily Maynard How Weird The Show Is
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The Bachelorette

Dylan Petitt’s Story Reminds Emily Maynard How Weird The Show Is

Episode 4 of The Bachelorette kicked off with Andi Dorfman’s pretty morose 1-on-1 date with Dylan Petitt. The pair had dinner on a steam engine (our grandma does that every Thanksgiving, BTW) and the hottest accountant on the planet got deep with Andi by filling her in on his horribly sad family history. The episode struck a chord with former Bachelorette Emily Maynard, who also once shared her story of personal tragedy on national television. In her Parade blog, Em reveals that Dylan’s date reminded her what a “weird concept” TV dating can be.

“When in real life would you ever feel so much pressure to tell your date all about your past on a first date?” The Bachelorette Season 8 star writes. We have to agree. Dylan’s story about losing both his siblings to drugs did dampen the mood, with Dylan being the first 1-on-1 getter since Eric Hill to snag a rose but no kiss. And with a face that hawwwt staring back at her, Andi had to have been feeling pretty down not to smooch it.

Em also goes on record to say she’s pretty sure the show’s producers were the ones intent on turning that date into show and tell — emphasis on the tell. “It reminded me a lot of my time on The Bachelor,” says the winner of Brad Womack’s Season 15, “and made me sad for Dylan because it probably wasn’t his idea to make such a big deal about it, since I’m sure it’s not a story he loves telling.” Hear, hear. We’re sure he would have much rather spent the evening lip locked than reliving painful memories, but that could just be us projecting.

And it seems she may be onto something with the whole convo being a producer set up. Every other 1-on-1 involved some very get-up-and-go activity (rappelling, anyone), while Dylan and Andi were put on a train with nothing to do but talk, not eat, and blow the whistle (That was his special surprise? Is he five?).

But the good news out of the deal is that Dylan did get a rose and a chance to continue pursuing Andi’s heart. So, now that they’re over the big reveal of his past, maybe their next time together can be spent focusing on the future.

What do you think of Dylan telling Andi his story? Too soon, or did he need to get it out there so they could move forward?

Source: Emily's Parade blog