Emily Maynard’s Exciting Wedding Announcement: “Of Course I Said Yes”
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Emily Maynard’s Exciting Wedding Announcement: “Of Course I Said Yes”

Did former Bachelorette Emily Maynard just get engaged for the fourth time?

Nope! Sorry. But it's almost as exciting — she's going to be a Maid of Honor! It's a good test-run for if Emily ever does make it down the aisle herself. (We have faith, girl!)

The Season 8 rosemistress shared the good news in a blog post titled "Maid of Honor... So.. Now What Do I Do?" One of her best friends is getting married in November but, as that headline implies, she's not sure what her duties may be. Despite her long history with almost getting married (to Ricky Hendrick, then Brad Womack, then Jef Holm), this is apparently her first time in MoH land.

She took the words right out of our brains when she quipped, “You'd think after three engagements I would've made it to this point, right? (I find it best to make fun of yourself before others have the chance) Obviously I'm going to need your help! Anyone have any fun tips for being the best maid of honor a girl could ever ask for? Fun bachelorette party games/favors/whatever else?"

Emily may be self-deprecating, but she's also very popular, and fans have already replied with a bunch of ideas — from a scavenger hunt to a lingerie shower to checking out Pinterest or Emily Post etiquette — to just straight-up asking the bride what she needs. One fan even shared a horror story of having "THE WORST" maid of honor, in case Emily wants to know what not to do.

Have you ever been a Maid of Honor? Did you do a good job? Any tips for Em?

Source: EmilyMaynard.com