Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus Both Post Beth and Daryl Photos — Season 5 Hints?
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Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus Both Post Beth and Daryl Photos — Season 5 Hints?

At the very least, Emily Kinney just gave Bethyl fans a Monday afternoon treat with this Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) photo. But maybe there's more to it than that?

The Walking Dead Season 5 is currently filming in the Atlanta area, and they should be up to Episode 3 right about now. The Spoiling Dead Fans has been great about sharing on-set updates but there's still significant mystery around where Beth was, where she is now, and what's next for her.

*Warning: Some filming spoilers ahead*

Is Beth with the TV version of Father Gabriel, who is apparently being played by Seth Gilliam? Did she reunite with Daryl? There are all these filming spoilers out there about a house she may or may not have been in, with or without Gabriel, and maybe Rick and Daryl go in there and find her after Terminus. It's all speculation.

But it's a fact that on June 2, Emily posted the Season 4 photo shown — with Daryl extending his hand to Beth. Emily offered no caption to help us out. (That tease!) After that, she just tweeted, "Coffee, round two. #MondayMotivation." The day before, Norman Reedus had also posted a photo of Beth and Daryl from Season 4. Also no caption. They are killing us!

Emily was just performing her music in Atlanta on May 31, so unless she immediately flew back to New York or L.A., she should still be there. AMC has been playing up the Beth mystery, and on June 1 they shared a photo of her from Season 4, tweeting, "If you have details regarding the disappearance of Beth Greene, contact us immediately."

Emily retweeted the note, which has many fan comments under it — with speculation from Gareth and Mary taking Beth, to her already being at Terminus, to "Check all barns!" which is always a good tip. (Learned that one the hard way.) At this point we're sticking with the guess that Beth was taken by the TV version of Father Gabriel, who was last seen filming with members of Team Prison who apparently managed to get free of Terminus.

Do you think it’s worth reading into Emily and Norman's photo posts? Are they hints of what’s to come — more Daryl and Beth bonding — or just fond memories from Season 4?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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