Emily VanCamp Opens Up About Her “Moments of Rebellion”
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Emily VanCamp Opens Up About Her “Moments of Rebellion”

Revenge’s Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) may look like your innocent girl-next-door type, but the actress recently revealed that she was a bit of a wild child during her teen years. Who knew?!

The Canada native and current Nylon cover girl opened up about what she calls her "moments of rebellion," explaining to the mag that, although she currently plays a polished Hamptons socialite (albeit one with a secret, checkered past), her own adolescence wasn’t always so squeaky-clean.

For starters, Emily remembers frequenting bars in Canada long before she could legally drink. Quel scandale!

"People were very free there. We would go to bars sometimes. I think about how old I was at that time. How on earth were we able to get into these places?"

But now the actress has matured and is currently settled in L.A. with her Revenge co-star-turned-boyfriend Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson). And while it’s clear that Ems has nothing but love and admiration for her man, she isn’t too thrilled about the paparazzi attention the couple attracts whenever they go out.

"How do you enjoy a moment [with everyone watching]? I see how people spiral out of control," she says.

We bet that having your relationship constantly chronicled is bothersome and unsettling, but we can’t imagine our girl Emily ever spiraling out of control — even if she did have a few drinks before she turned 21.

Were you shocked to learn about Emily’s rebellious moments? Sound off below!

Source: Daily Mail

08.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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