Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Emma Finally Kisses Hook!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Emma Finally Kisses Hook!

The wait is over, Oncers! Indeed, the hookup that so many of you have all been waiting for is finally going to happen later this month on Once Upon a Time Season 3. Adjust your guyliner accordingly.

Yep, you guessed it: After countless episodes of sexual chemistry that you could cut with a poison arrow, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will indeed kiss in Season 3, Episode 5: “Good Form,” which airs on October 27, according to Entertainment Weekly.

For photographic proof of the steamy scene, click here

“I kind of knew at some point it was coming,” Jennifer says about the impending smooch. ”I knew from all the way back, when they brought both Michael Raymond-James (Neal) and Colin O’Donoghue on, that it was always the intention to create some sort of love triangle with the two of them and Emma… having a very legitimate pull between those two men.”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Emma Finally Kisses Hook!
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

Plus, Jennifer makes it clear that the kiss scene is one of her favorite aspects of Season 3. “It’s always fun when you get to kiss someone…,” she says. Yeah, it’s especially fun when the “someone” in question is as smokin’ as Hook.

But what exactly will lead to these two locking lips? Entertainment Weekly says we’ll see Emma plant one on the dashing seafarer after they experience a small but significant victory in their current search for Henry. “In that adrenaline, she realizes that this person has participated and made it possible,” Jennifer reveals.

To be honest, we’ve had a feeling that something would be happening between Emma and Hook this season, especially once Hook tells Emma that he wants to get to know her better in the Season 3 premiere. And then Regina referring to Hook as Emma’s “boyfriend” definitely set things in place.

But the big question is: What happens when Neal returns, now that he’s hitched a ride to Neverland on his shadow frenemy? We find it hard to believe that Emma won’t end up with Henry’s dad in the end, so perhaps Hook should enjoy this smooching while it lasts. And will it last? “He’s Captain Hook — he’s game for anything, really,” Colin teases.

OK, so now we don’t know how we’ll make it until October 27, considering how we hate being patient. So are you hoping Emma and Neal get together eventually, or are you Team Captain Swan all the way?

Source: Entertainment Weekly