The 2013 Emmys are honoring a number of stars who passed away this year, but not everyone is getting equal screentime. Emmy Award winner Jack Klugman gets only a small mention, while the non-Emmy Award winning Cory Monteith (Finn) gets a larger segment.

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Jack’s son is not too happy about this, and he’s made a bit of a fuss about it recently. Now, Cory’s Glee co-star is stepping up to say she understands where Adam Klugman is coming from.

“I’m a huge fan of Jack Klugman,” Jane told TMZ on the day of the show. “Obviously, I don’t choose these things. But he was there in the beginning of television, and he had a terrific career, and if I were his son, maybe I would be upset, too.”

But don’t think for a moment that  this means she is not on Team Cory! Jane — who is actually the one giving Cory’s tribute at the show — might sympathize with Adam’s sentiments, but she still absolutely believes in honoring Cory at the Emmys.

“I’m really proud to be up there for him tonight. I’m really proud to tell people about him,” she said. Now, if only the Emmy’s didn’t have a time limit. Then everyone could get equal mention. Maybe if there were fewer commercials?

Source: TMZ

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