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The Emmys aren't usually an ire-drawing awards show, but if you ask pretty much anyone live-tweeting tonight, this year's Emmys weren't just the regular show — they were the #weirdemmys.

We've collected some of the best and funniest tweets from TV fans and hate-watchers alike, weighing in on what made this year's Emmys a little awkward, or at the very least, a little different.

Way to be predictable, Weird Emmys.

In this topsy-turvy awards show night, we can at least take comfort in how some things never change.

Even this dog thinks the Emmys are weird.

Did the Emmys ruin your nap, dog?

Spoiler alert!

Seriously, though, the Emmys were pretty sad.

Peace, everyone!

Merit Wever's awkward exit gets a stamp of approval from more than one fan.

Can I get this validated?

Entertainment Weekly writer Annie Barrett made a shrewd observation about House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. (He was actually smacking the camera with the ticket.)

You missed one!

After a night full of tributes, one fan figured out one they missed.

This tweet pretty much sums it up.

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