Which TV Actress Brought Marijuana to the 2014 Emmys? (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Emmy attendees have been known to smuggle in food to get themselves through the hours-long ceremony, but comedienne Sarah Silverman had a different tactic: marijuana.

As you can see in the video above, E! News' red-carpet interview with Sarah took a bizarre twist when the conversation turned toward the contents of the 43-year-old's clutch.

There were everyday items, sure — an iPhone in a patriotic phone case, money, lipstick, a mirror — but then there was what looked like a small pipe.

"This is, uh, my pot," Sarah explained. "It's liquid, uh, pot"

"OK!" E!'s Giuliana Rancic interjected. "Moving on!"

Whoa, S.S.! This ain't Colorado. Marijuana may be legal in California, but only for those who have a prescription.

At least the green in Sarah's clutch matched the green of her Marni gown!

Sarah is far from the only celebrity who has copped up to smoking up. Miley talks about weed every other day, it seems; Oprah OWN-ed up to partaking in some herb in the '80s; Jennifer Aniston enjoys it in moderation. The list goes on and on.

Hey, it's the "high" life in Hollywood!

Was Sarah's red carpet admission TMI or too hi-larious? Let us know below!

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