Game of Thrones Emmy Snubs: Outrage, or OK?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Emmy Snubs: Outrage, or OK?

The 2013 Emmy Awards were a disappointment for Game of Thrones fans. While the show took home some technical awards, it left empty handed in all the major categories, with no love shown to the actors or the show itself. Do you think they were too scared of Dany's dragons?

Jokes aside, we can't pretend we're not disappointed to see Game of Thrones ignored. We were really hoping that the buzz around the Red Wedding and the overall quality of Season 3 would be enough to put it in the running for the top prize, but, alas. We're starting to worry that Peter Dinklage's win in the first season is the most love the show is ever going to see in the major categories.

While out inner fangirls are ready to march on over to the Academy and go all Arya on them, we do have to admit that Game of Thrones was up against some major competition this year. It's hard to begrudge Breaking Bad its first Best Drama win, even if we think the first half of the fifth season was actually one of its weaker offerings. And Bobby Cannavale and Anna Gunn were both pretty darned fantastic, even if neither of them did burn down a city or drunkenly put Joffrey in his place.

So, we ask you: are you outraged Game of Thrones got the shaft, or do you think it's just the inevitable consequence of there being so much good TV out there these days?

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