Emmys 2013: Why Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Should Win Best Supporting Actress
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Emmys 2013: Why Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Should Win Best Supporting Actress

Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke, who portrays Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO fantasy drama, is up for her first Emmy this weekend, for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, and we definitely think our Khaleesi deserves to bring home the statue.

In season 3 of GoT, Emilia was able to showcase a new side of Dany. No longer is she playing a scared little girl, unsure of her destiny, lost without her husband and brother. No, now she is a conqueror, a liberator, and well on her way to becoming a queen. We’ve seen her gain a new purpose in life, that of a freer of slaves, and Emilia has really communicated Dany’s personal history with slavery in a powerful way — but without hitting us over the head with it.

Dany is also the Mother of Dragons, so Emilia spends a lot of time interacting with the creatures, which is a great acting achievement considering that the dragons are CGI. Her performance is so seamless that one never feels any disconnect on screen between Dany and her “children.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Emilia’s performance has at times been insanely thrilling. The scene in Astapor when she acquires the Unsullied army and releases the dragon on the city was one of the most exciting scenes ever put up on a television screen, and Emilia’s performance was what gave it that extra edge. Her utterance of the word “Dracarys” alone should be enough to secure her Emmy win in our book.

It almost seems unfair to the other actresses in this category that they have to face Emilia, since the role of Dany is really a lead role, not a supporting one. Because the GoT cast is so sprawling and there is no clear lead, everyone is considered a supporting actor. Emilia’s character just might be the most important character on the entire show, and we think she deserves the Emmy for bringing the role life so brilliantly.

Do you think Emilia deserves the Emmy? Sound off in the comments below!

09.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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