Emmys 2014: 3 Reasons Why Peter Dinklage Should Win
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Game of Thrones

Emmys 2014: 3 Reasons Why Peter Dinklage Should Win

Peter Dinklage has once again been nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama for his performance as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. This marks the fourth consecutive year Peter’s been nominated for the role, which means he’s been up for the award every time he’s been eligible. He won the award in 2011 for Game of Thrones’ first season; here’s why he should win it this year.

He’s better now than when he won. The Tyrion of Season 1 was great, don’t get us wrong, but the Tyrion of Season 4 was amazing. The emotional weight of the trial, which saw all of his allies turn on him, was much more challenging work for Dinklage than the mostly wisecracking Tyrion performances of yesteryear. Season 4 was Peter’s best work yet on the show, and for that he deserves some recognition.

The Laws of Gods and Men. As soon as the episode featuring Tyrion’s trial — in which Tyrion gave a goosebumps-inducing, hateful monologue directed at his accusers (everyone, basically) — concluded the Internet began declaring the scene to be Dinklage’s “Emmy moment” of the season, and with good reason. The scene was the most gut-wrenching performance we’ve ever seen from Dinklage, and we challenge you to show us a better scene from anyone on any show this year.

Big changes for Tyrion. Tyrion has gone through changes throughout the series. In Season 1 he goes from lots of whores to just one whore, in Season 2 he becomes a battle commander, in Season 3 he becomes a (reluctant) husband, and in Season 4 he earns the respect of his wife, is forced to push away his lover, gets blamed for a murder he didn’t commit, grows closer to his brother, loses all hope, gets hope back, has his hopes dashed, turns vengeful, and finally, becomes a murderer. Notice anything different about Season 4? Tyrion went through a lot this year, and Dinklage brought us on the journey masterfully. The Emmy is his to lose.

Do you think the Emmy should go to Peter Dinklage? Let us know in the comments below!

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