Emmys 2013: What Will Win Best Drama?
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Emmy Awards

Emmys 2013: What Will Win Best Drama?

The 2013 Emmys Awards are around the corner — they air this Sunday, September 22, 2013 — and it's time to get serious about filling out your ballots! When it comes to the Emmys, perhaps no other category is as coveted as Outstanding Drama Series.

We're going to run down the biggest categories with our thoughts on who stands a chance, who's totally hopeless, and who should win. So let’s take a closer look at the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama category, aka the night's top prize!

Who Will Win?

Which show will win? Which show should win? As you’ve come to expect, we have some thoughts on that. We've ranked our picks from least likely to most likely.

Downton Abbey. One of these shows isn’t quite like the other, and that show is Downton Abbey. Season 3 went off the rails in more ways than one, and while we have higher hopes for Season 4 (given the tragedy that struck the Crawleys in the finale), there’s no way this British import deserves any accolades for its third season. Except you, Dame Maggie Smith. You can stay.

Homeland. Could Homeland top its near-perfect Season 1? It turns out they couldn’t. Last year’s golden child fell into a bit of a sophomore slump in its second season. While the individual performances were captivating, the storyline as a whole felt stretched. Frankly, there were better shows on TV.

House of Cards. Netflix’s House of Cards has the potential to make history. Could an online series take home TV’s top prize? It certainly has a chance — a slim chance. Kevin Spacey is the frontrunner for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, and we think for House of Cards, that’s enough history-making for one night.

Game of Thrones. If the academy were to ever give its top prize to a genre show, it should be to Game of Thrones for its excellent Season 3 (most notably for “The Rains of Castamere” aka The Red Wedding episode). But no matter how hard we pray to the gods, it will be a cold day in Westeros before the Emmys ever honor GoT with its top prize.

Mad Men. Despite never winning an individual acting award, Mad Men has wracked up every Emmy in this category since 2008, with the exception of last year, in which Homeland took home the top Drama prize. While Mad Men seems like a shoo-in to reclaim its throne, Season 5 hit more than a few bumps in the road — and they’ve significantly dimmed its Emmy chances.

Breaking Bad. Is there any other show on TV that’s as perfect as Breaking Bad? We didn’t think so. This is one of those rare moments in television history where TV’s most buzzed-about show is also its best.

Who Should Win?

Emmys 2013: What Will Win Best Drama?
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Breaking Bad. While we’d like to see Breaking Bad sweep the 2013 Emmys, we’d settle for a win for Outstanding Drama Series. Season 5, part one, was a near-perfect season of television, and if the Emmys are truly about awarding excellence, then it’s about time they lived up to their name.

What do you think? Will it be Breaking Bad's year to shine? Or will Homeland take home its second Outstanding Drama Series Emmy? Tune in with Wetpaint on September 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET to find out!

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