Emotional Hannah Goes Home: Recap of ANTM, Cycle 16, Episode 1
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America's Next Top Model

Emotional Hannah Goes Home: Recap of ANTM, Cycle 16, Episode 1

And then there were three. Brittani, Molly, and Hannah are left in their Moroccan palace to fight to the death on America's Next Top Model Cycle 16, Episode 1 (May 11, 2011). Hannah is afraid she isn't showing enough progression, Brittani is afraid she's being edged out, and Molly thinks she deserves it more than either of them because she was adopted.

Beauty Is Trending: Jay stops by the house just as the models are finishing tidying up the place. Their challenge for the day is to research a beauty trend in Morocco and find someone on the street to interview about that trend for a ninety second spot. The winner's spot will appear on Insider.com, and the Internet is the place to be, so that's awesome. Molly gets Black Kohl, Brittani gets Henna, and Hannah gets Argan Oil. Given that they have one hour to do their research and conduct the interview, things are a little nuts. Brittani is also surprised to find that so few people in Morocco speak English.

Jay meets them back at the house to review their videos. Brittani spends most of her 90 seconds spitting out facts about Henna instead of letting the expert speak. She also "interviews" a man on the street, which means she asks and answers the questions for him. Molly is actually quite engaging and allows the Black Kohl expert to do a helpful demonstration of the product. Although the camera does catch her saying "That was horrible" at the end. Oh, Molls. Hannah studied journalism, and it shows, but her Argan Oil interview lacked a little bit of the smoothness Molly's had. She struggles with timing, too. Molly wins the challenge, but Hannah feels like she won in her heart.

Cry! Pose! Dance!: Hey, Tyra Banks. Ty stops by the house to have a mini-counseling sesh with the three models. She gets everyone to cry, whether it's about adoption or agoraphobia. Then, there's an abrupt transition to a photo shoot. Tyra styles them with black lipstick and hair grease that she admits will be impossible to get out. She takes quick beauty shots of each model, and then explains that the purpose of all this was to show them the importance of isolation. Not that kind of isolation, but rather, the ability to move just one part of the body at a time. Tyra then leads them to the rooftop doing Night at the Roxbury-inspired head movements where a group of Moroccan musicians are waiting to lead them in a dance party. Everyone is having a blast until Tyra dances down the stairs saying something like, "Next time I see you guys, one of you will be leaving forever!" K, bye!

A Pretty Depressing Wedding Day: The models are posing with a very handsome guy named Younes in traditional Moroccan wedding gowns. Nigel and Jay are there, natch. Their objective is to create a narrative for this wedding. Molly's up first and thinks about a guy who isn't as into the relationship as she is. Nigel feels she struggling to connect with the male model, and Molly ends up crying at the end of the shoot. Hannah's next and her story is about pulling someone close while also pushing them away. This translates into some very aggressive expressions on her part. But Nigel likes the chemistry she has with Younes. Finally, Brittani's up and wants to be in a fight on her wedding day. She's having trouble with the acting portion of the shoot, though Jay and Nigel think she came in too confident, so who knows what the problem really is. Anyway, she ends up crying and the shots start to get really good. We don't know what to take from all of this except that weddings are no longer something to celebrate.

IMG and OMG: Tyra is so incredibly excited by this week's photos that she's broken the rules and selected two pics for each model. The judges think Brittani may have gone a bit overboard with her gestures (the one where she and the male model are reaching out to each other looks like a Sistine Chapel rip-off) but her crying shot is beautiful. One prob: Nigel doesn't really enjoy shooting her. Eeek. Guest judge Ivan Bart of IMG loves Hannah's energy, and Andre hates her pointed foot. Her pics are gorgeous, but she breaks down while explaining that emotion is her strength. Hmm. And then there's Molls. Ivan clearly loves her and is wowed by her stunning face. Nigel says he feels like he can dance with her, which is fancy photographer speak for "good work." Tyra then announces that the top two will be walking in a Vivienne Westwood show. We're jealous.

Call-out Order: Molly wins. Brittani and Hannah are the bottom two. Obviously.

Leaving the Moroccan Paradise: Hannah. Crying to the camera, she says she doesn't understand why Tyra thought she wasn't strong enough for this. S'OK, Hannah. Your pics were stunning! And emotional!

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