Cynthia Bailey on End of NeNe Leakes Friendship: “I Feel Sorry for Her”
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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey on End of NeNe Leakes Friendship: “I Feel Sorry for Her”

As much as it hurt us to watch the friendship between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey crumble before our eyes, it hurt Cynthia even more. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is finally breaking her silence on the lost relationship, and she is not holding back.

The supermodel opens up to In Touch this week, and after a little while, it becomes abundantly clear that the tipping point in the bestie breakup was when NeNe visited Watch What Happens Live for a one-on-one after the RHoA Season 6 finale. For reference, that was when NeNe accused Cynthia of not being a loyal friend, and said that she was “not bringing anything to the show.” Ouch, right?

Though the women had gone through a rough patch over NeNe calling Cynthia’s hubby Peter Thomas a “bitch” — which Cyn still maintains was “completely offensive and disrespectful” — she didn’t think that things were fully over between the two of them… until NeNe trashed her on-air.

“I thought, honestly, that we would be able to get past it. But when I saw what she said about me on Watch What Happens Live, I was speechless,” Cynthia recalls, before defending her status as a Housewife, “I know what I bring to the show. I was relevant before the show, I’m relevant on the show and guess what? I’ll be relevant after the show. I know for a fact that I bring the class and the balance and the grace to the show and I know people tune in specifically because of me and my husband. What she did is just despicable. I would never do that to her even if we were not friends.”

Despite all that, Cynthia maintains that she’s not holding any real ill will to her former fellow “Tall,” and she “wishes her continued success.” But that doesn’t mean she’s holding onto wish of a reconciliation.

“At the end of the day, I just kind of feel sorry for her because she’s an unhappy person,” Cynthia admits. “I don’t think happy people try to attack others who aren’t really bothering them … We’re just not friends anymore and that’s it … I just always thought we had that same respect for each other, but at the end of the day, she obviously didn’t respect me as much as I respect her, which is why I decided to just move on.”

Come on, Cynthia, is there any thread of hope still between you two?

“I feel like the only way we would ever be friends again is if she truly apologizes to me and mean it and then I would be open to it, but I don’t owe her an apology … So since she doesn’t apologize for anything and is never wrong about anything, that’s going to be a cold day in hell before that ever happens so I don’t foresee us being friends going forward … I’m never going to step down to NeNe’s level. She is going to have to step up to mine if we’re ever going to be friends again.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta “Reunion, Part 2” airs Sunday, April 27 at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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Source: In Touch

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