Engaged Emily Maynard Picks out Her Wedding Cake: When’s the Big Day?
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Emily Maynard

Engaged Emily Maynard Picks out Her Wedding Cake: When’s the Big Day?

Like everyone, we’re dying for clues about when Season 8 Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s nuptials to fiancé Tyler Johnson will be — and here’s another piece of the puzzle. The blonde beauty posted this cuuuuute pic on Instagram of her and daughter Ricki (look how big she’s getting!) with the caption, “It’s happening. Wedding cake time.” We’re wondering if the cake in the background is her official cake???? If so, it’s ga-gor-geous.

Bachelor Nation’s favorite southern belle got engaged to Tyler back in January, but so far details surrounding the when and where of the big day have been scarce. So we’re happy to have this visual proof that planning for Em’s dream wedding is moving forward. Now just give us photos of the dress!

Despite spilling this cake photo, Em is still keeping pretty mum on wedding details. Back in January when the happy couple announced Emily's engagement numero four, the blonde beauty said she and her man would be getting hitched sooner rather than later. We guess that’s changed now that Em’s seen everything that goes into planning the event of the century. After all, you don’t just call 1-800-FLOWERS and hire a wedding singer out of the phone book for a Bachelorette Royalty wedding.

From the get-go Emily has seemed a wee bit stressed with the whole wedding planning thing, so we give her kudos for continuing to march forward into the land of floral arrangements and party favors. Imagine the pressure that comes from planning your own wedding when you know every detail is gonna get dissected in every major media outlet for years to come. Ugh.

We hope the stress of planning doesn’t wear her down too much and she can enjoy her big day — whenever it is. Because with four engagements under her belt she’s becoming the Susan Lucci of brides-to-be, and that’s one crown no Bachelorette wants to wear. Girl deserves to have her cake and eat it too!

Any bets on when Em and Tyler will tie the knot? Do you think they’ll announce a date soon or just surprise us with an unannounced wedding like so many other Bachelor/ette alums?

Source: Emily Maynard on Instagram