How Have Emily Maynard’s Exes Reacted to Her Engagement?
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Emily Maynard

How Have Emily Maynard’s Exes Reacted to Her Engagement?

Did you hear that Emily Maynard is engaged? Of course you did, because you’re dialed in like a champ. But while we’ve known since the second the news broke, we’re wondering what’s up with her Bachelorette Season 8 exes and their non-responses. It’s like a silent vortex out there, and we must discuss it.

Emily made a lot of guys cry on her season, and for good reason. She’s beautiful, stylish, has plenty of attitude, and seemed genuinely committed to finding a man at the end of her “journey.” But things didn’t end superbly for anyone, with her split from winner Jef Holm coming just two months after the finale. Runner up Arie Luyendyk, Jr. was rumored to have gone off on her when she dumped him, reportedly yelling “YOU JUST SLEPT WITH ME!” after getting the post-fantasy suite boot.

Second runner-up Sean Lowe obviously ended up superbly, finding a great girl in Catherine Giudici during his time as the Bachelor on Season 17. But although Sean says he thinks the world of her, a source close to the couple said that Emily is not invited to his January 26 live wedding on ABC. Though he’s been tweeting about his wedding, he hasn’t recently said anything to or about Emily.

Jef, meanwhile, hasn’t tweeted since December 31, though his Instagram is still active. Perhaps he’s on a romantic vacation and can’t be bothered? We wouldn’t be surprised.

So far, the only one who has reached out to Emily publicly about the engagement is Arie, who has moved on just swimmingly with his life since the show wrapped in 2012. He tweeted on January 7, “Happy for @EmilyMaynard and her engagement, wishing her lots of love and happiness! Always wanted the best for her :).”

It’s a sweet tweet, but do you think it’s strange that the only guy who has congratulated their Bachelorette ex so far is the one who was rumored to blow up at her on the show? Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: Arie on Twitter

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