Grey’s Anatomy: Did Episode 17 Show that Cristina-Owen Relationship is Impossible?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Did Episode 17 Show that Cristina-Owen Relationship is Impossible?

Last week’s episode of Grey’s AnatomySeason 10, Episode 17: "Do You Know?" — gave us a good look into the inner workings of the mind of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh)... and how she feels about her ex-husband and mega love interest, Owen (Kevin McKidd). And while the episode pretty much closed the book on any type of romantic future for the couple, should we still keep hope alive anyway?

In our opinion, keeping hope alive for a Cristina and Owen reunion will only lead to heartbreak. Cristina’s glimpse into her future with Owen was a glum one. Although she was happy with her decision at first, getting back together with him led to a lot of things happening that didn’t make her happy.

Like having a child, for one. We were thrown off enough when Cristina agreed to get a dog with Owen, let alone when we saw that, in the future, she could be saddled with two babies. And seeing how heartbroken she was to present the Harper Avery award to Shane (Gaius Charles) instead of receiving it herself? We don’t want that to happen to her!

The bottom line is this: Cristina isn’t someone who wants to live her life putting others before her medical career. Her purpose on earth is to make amazing advances in medicine possible, using the incredible talent she was given. Having a child — or being involved with someone who doesn’t share her same vision — will greatly compromise the future she envisions for herself. And if Cristina isn’t happy, then that future obviously won’t work for her.

We certainly don’t think Cristina’s doomed to singledom forever, though. There’s somebody out there for her — maybe somebody who loves the feel of a scalpel in his hand as much as she does, or maybe he’ll have a different passion of his own. Letting go of Owen for real is the first step in finding him.

However, Grey’s has taught us to expect curveballs — creator Shonda Rhimes has pitched us more of those than we care to count. There was a point in Crowen history where the two of them as a couple made sense… and they obviously still have intense feelings for each other. Anything is possible in Shondaland!

Do you think Cristina and Owen’s relationship is officially doomed? Let us know in the comment section below.