When Will Burke Return to Grey’s Anatomy? Episode 22’s Title Is a Hint…
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Grey's Anatomy

When Will Burke Return to Grey’s Anatomy? Episode 22’s Title Is a Hint…

Cristina (Sandra Oh) is due for one hell of a blast from the past on Grey's Anatomy — a tall, bespectacled, heart-fixing, trumpet-playing blast from the past named Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington).

And we have a pretty good hunch as to when he'll pop up — based on the title for Season 10, Episode 22.

Yes, Isaiah Washington's controversial return to the show from which he was fired in 2007 is all any Grey's fan has been talking about since it was announced a month ago.

According to SpoilerTV, Episode 22 is called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Consider that info, and now consider that we know Burke is coming back in a May episode. Episode 22 is scheduled for May 1. It's too good to be a coincidence, right?

Or maybe not. Perhaps the title refers to another on-again off-again couple. Maybe even Cristina and Owen (Kevin McKidd)!

In any case, the title comes from a 2012 Taylor Swift song, as we're sure you know. Maybe Shonda is honoring the singer after seeing those recent pictures of her with cat Meredith Grey?

Do you think our logic is sound, or are we off-base? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Source: SpoilerTV

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