Bachelorette 2014 Episode 3: Andrew Poole’s Walk-Off Is Not a Home Run
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Episode 3: Andrew Poole’s Walk-Off Is Not a Home Run

Dramatic exits are everything on The Bachelorette, as more than one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite sons can attest to. But on the June 1 episode, Andrew Poole took things to a whole new level — literally!

The car-loving, phone number-getting, sharp dresser got in a talk-off with JJ O’Brien and Josh Murray, and then fled up some stairs, up some more stairs, and into a closed-door room. Despite all the other off-key behavior in the episode, Andy (awww Andi and Andy!) scooped the Bachelorette Bleachable Moment presented by Clorox for being — as they dubbed him — the “Runaway Bachelor.”

The 30-year-old from Culver City did add a little heart-racing to the action, and not just for the half dozen cameramen and crew who had to chase him down the hallowed halls of Bachelor Mansion. In fact, 55 percent of Viggle users thought that his antics outweighed JJ’s crazy new look, which grabbed the remaining percentage.

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Perhaps it was the fact that Andi Dorfman seemed so bizarrely turned on by JJ’s liver spots that kept the super tall babe from scooping the dubious honor for his makeover. We have to admit that we were pretty into the idea of growing old with the pantsapreneur after seeing what he would be working with in 50 years…

In all fairness, it sounds like Andrew was dealing with a lot. You can’t have a tie that skinny and not be hungry for some drama from time to time. But if you thought that the social media guru was out-gangstered by Josh ‘n JJ for no reason, you still have time to weigh in.

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