Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Ratings: Are People Losing Interest?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Ratings: Are People Losing Interest?

Don’t get us wrong with that headline — we were still totally loving Bachelor in Paradise in the August 18 episode. How could you go wrong with a little tried and true Chris Bukowski drama? But coming down off of a jam-packed second episode of the spin-off series, we were a little worried that viewers may not be as hooked by Episode 3 so what did the numbers have say?

According to TV By the Numbers, our Spidey senses weren’t totally off base as the ratings were down a bit from the week prior. To be exact, BiP notched a 1.3 rating, which was 13 percent lower than last week’s 1.5 in the coveted 18-49 demo. That said, the viewership was actually on the same level as the series premiere two weeks earlier, so it’s not exactly bad news.

In fact, a respectable 4.89 million viewers tuned in to see Chris and his 24-hour girlfriend Elise Mosca exit Paradise early to ride hobble off into the sunset together. Paired with a Marquel Martin quadrangle — the ladies love cool Marquel — and some signature AshLee Frazier intensity (re: planning her babies with new hookup Graham Bunn), and it was a pretty respectable episode of south of the border shenanigans.

Also take into account that it would have been pretty impossible to top Michelle Kujawa’s affair with the sound guy (and his resulting double bone break, natch), which acted as a cliffhanger between the premiere and Episode 2. Elise’s inability to read Dylan Petitt’s basic context clues was equally as riveting and squirm-inducing.

All in all, Episode 3 was a good showing for the freshman series, and we have no doubt that next week’s double-header will amp up the drama (and audience) once more. Chris Harrison, you evil genius you.

Why do you think ratings were slightly down this week? Did you like the episode? Sound off below.

Source: TV By the Numbers