The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: The Ladies Show Their Seoul in South Korea (PHOTOS)

We all love the drama and the never-ending cliches, but one of our favorite parts about The Bachelor is getting to ogle all the gorgeous locations we’ll never be able to visit!

When Episode 4 returns on January 27, Juan Pablo Galavis takes off on his first overseas tour of the season. It’s in Seoul, South Korea where Juan introduces six of the remaining contestants to Korean pop group 2NE1. The sexy single father watches as the women are put through their paces as they attempt to learn a choreographed routine to one of the band’s major hits. Not surprisingly, it’s Kat Hurd who steals the spotlight with her professional dance moves, while Nikki Ferrell struggles to keep up.

Then of course, the band drops a bomb that none of them could have expected — Juan and the ladies must perform as backup dancers during a live concert at the Times Square Mall! Kat has no problem showing off her expertise (and making sure Juan sees it), but Nikki has a serious case of stage fright that threatens to keep her from performing at all.

Later, at the after-party, one woman makes it clear that she’s not a fan of group dates and attempts to take Juan Pablo all for herself.

Click through to get a sneak peek at Juan Pablo’s group date in Episode 4, then make sure to tune in when it airs on Monday, January 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC!

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