Bachelor in Paradise Sneak Peek: Kalon McMahon Rejected Twice, Goes on Date Solo! (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Sneak Peek: Kalon McMahon Rejected Twice, Goes on Date Solo! (VIDEO)

Somewhere, Emily Maynard is quietly whispering, “Karma’s a bitch.” You see, the former Bachelorette’s villainous suitor Kalon McMahon — who infamously called Emily’s daughter Ricki “baggage” — makes his grand entrance in Tulum in next week’s Episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, and it seems the entrepreneur is no hit with the ladies on-island.

In a new sneak peek from the August 25 episode, Kalon is filmed right after he is rejected by not one but two girls (click here to find out who). The newbie enters with a date card in hand, but neither of the ladies he chooses are feeling his whole Patrick Bateman vibe.

“I had this adventure in the palm of my hand, but apparently no one wants to leave their comfort zone here in Paradise to join me,” he tells the ABC cameras.

Trying to see the silver lining in the situation, the 29-year-old decides he’s going to go on the date alone rather than give someone else in a couple the opportunity for the date. “I did the nice guy thing already, and if they don’t want to join me, screw ‘em!”

Also, not one to accept rejection, Kalon just sees this as an opportunity to make “Bachelor history” by being part of the first “1-on-none date.” We have to say, we applaud his tenacious spirit!

Still, a solo date has to be kind of a bummer. Not sure what we would have done in the situation, but the idea of a dinner alone on some Mexican beach after climbing a Mayan ruin solo might lead us to talk to raccoons à la Clare Crawley. Hmm, maybe Kalon should take a page out of her woodland creature-loving book?

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, August 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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