Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 4: What Did Melissa Reveal?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 4: What Did Melissa Reveal?

The Pretty Little Liars writers weren't lying when they said Season 4 is the season of answers. Recently, we were treated to a ton of them courtesy of Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) in Season 4, Episode 4: "Face Time."

In fact, Melissa's list of answers to Spencer was so rapid-fire, that we'd forgive you for having a hard time catching all of her claims. So, what exactly did Melissa reveal? We've broken down her answers here.

She was on the Halloween train. Melissa was on the Halloween train, and she was one of the Queen of Hearts. But she wasn't sure that Mona was the one in the Ali mask; trying to figure that out is what led her to the mask maker in the first place.

Did she try to kill Spencer? She claims that Wilden was the one who tried to kill Spencer on the train, and says that she wasn't helping Wilden. "None of us were helping him, we were afraid of him," she explained.

Who is the "we" there? Spencer asked, "Who's 'we'? The N.A.T. club?" Melissa replied, "This isn't about some stupid club," but she also didn't deny it when Spencer theorized that the N.A.T. club is connected to what happened to Ali, and Wilden was holding it over them.

Was she involved in Garrett's death? When Spencer brought up Garrett's death, Melissa looked down guiltily and did not deny involvement.

Someone was pulling Wilden's strings. "Wilden wasn't that smart," Melissa said. "Somebody was telling him what to do." Big "A"?

She thinks Ali is alive. She traded her own face for info on the Ali mask, because she thinks Ali might still be alive.

She's been protecting Spencer the whole time. According to Melissa, she's been protecting Spencer "since it started. Since before it started."

What happened at the lodge? According to Melissa, she sent Jenna and Shana to watch the Liars at the lodge in the Season 3 finale, to see who they were meeting, but she claims Wilden was the one who burned the lodge down. She also confirms that the person who pulled the Liars out of the fire was not Shana or Jenna.

Did she kill Wilden? It's unclear. When Spencer asks, Melissa doesn't respond one way or the other, just saying, "Let it go Spencer. You have to let it go or it will come apart in ways you can not even imagine."

Do you think Melissa was telling the truth? Do you think she killed Wilden? Let us know in the comments below.

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