Bachelor 2014 Episode 4: South Korea Spoiler Roundup!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Episode 4: South Korea Spoiler Roundup!

We’re not sure if South Korea is ready for all this jelly, but Juan Pablo Galavis and his gaggle of gal pals are heading east to shake their bon-bons for the unsuspecting folks of Seoul. According to the official word from ABC, there is just one lucky lady getting some alone time, while the rest of the gals have to battle it out.

Our girl Sharleen Joynt is the one who gets the solo date with Juan Pablo, but we’re not positive she’s all that stoked about it. The sneak peeks seem to show that she continues her theme of looking and acting completely over it, even though she does sing him an aria in the middle of a deserted quad. Given her career-driven nature, JPG naturally wants to know how the resident of Germany would handle motherhood and her opera singing. The answer? Might be a dealbreaker, guys.

Meanwhile, on one group date, six gals dance the night away onstage with Korean pop band 2NE1. You can see how well that goes, and visually, it’s a hot mess. We thought Juan Pablo could dance?! Alas, at least we’re looking forward to watching Kat Hurd chase Juan Pablo around the stage in a mall while the rest of the gals seem kind of oblivious to the fact that they should still be competing (looking at you, Cassandra Ferguson).

On the other group date, everyone hates Clare, which is fine because she’s not here to make friends. OK, we don’t exactly get to hear her say that, but the girl is all about getting in close to Juan Pablo and she doesn’t care who she has to step on to get there. Or, in this case, how many fish are in the sea of water that is eating their feet during their weird fish pedicures. Yes, that is actually what they do. And yes, Clare goes to stick her feet in Juan Pablo’s skin water. And no, that is not a euphemism.

At the end of the episode, as usual, a coupla girls get sent packing. This time, it’s sweet piano playing gal Lauren Solomon, who seems pretty upset in the promo, and Elise Mosca, who tries to tell Juan Pablo that some girls just aren’t good motherhood material. Because she’s the expert on these matters.

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