Bachelor 2014 Episode 4 Spoiler: Sharleen Joynt’s Big Dealbreaker!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Episode 4 Spoiler: Sharleen Joynt’s Big Dealbreaker!

It’s time for another episode of The Bachelor, which means ABC is ready to give us more cringe-worthy moments between Juan Pablo Galavis and Sharleen Joynt!

Episode 4 airs tonight, and Shar is the only one to get a one-on-Juan date.

In the promo, you can hear Sharleen show off her gorgeous opera voice for Juan Pablo, and we know that’s something JPG has been looking forward to. However — surprise, surprise — ABC says Sharleen is going to get nervous during the date, continuing to question her connection with Juan Pablo. She’s going to open up to him about her doubts and fears, though, which is good — in theory. Better to tell him than to keep telling the viewers via the in the moment interview. It’s not like we can help!

One of Juan Pablo’s own concerns is Sharleen’s readiness for a family. Juan Pablo doesn’t just want a stepmother for his almost 5-year-old daughter, Camila, he wants to have more kids. Apparently JPG is going to ask Shar about balancing her singing career with motherhood, and ABC says this question will be followed by “a disquieting silence.”

Yay, another awkward silence!

Maybe she’ll stick with tradition and respond with “Sure.” Or maybe the classic “Seriously?!” Or, we hope, she’ll eventually share a mature, thoughtful, honest response. It may not even scare him away if she’s not ready for kids. (Although, if that’s the case, why is she here again?)

In his pre-season conference call, Juan Pablo was asked about the baby plan, and he had this to say: “I respect a lot what a person does for a living and I want to have kids right away, but if I'm with somebody and she's like, ‘Listen, I have my career, this and that,’ I understand it.”

Maybe that answer was a preview for his conversation with Sharleen, and possibly other women. He’s keeping an open mind… about this, anyway. Just don’t ask him about gay Bachelors!

What do you think about Sharleen and Juan Pablo? Could they be a good fit or are their lifestyles and personalities just too different? Sometimes different is good… Want to know how far Sharleen makes it?