Ravenswood Episode 4 Synopsis: Caleb’s Unexpected Reunion
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Ravenswood Episode 4 Synopsis: Caleb’s Unexpected Reunion

Something creepy is happening in Ravenswood — it’s taken our new friend Miranda down already, and we have no idea what’s next. In Episode 3, Caleb, Remy, Luke, and Olivia conduct a séance to get answers about what’s happening with the late Ms. Collins. While Luke was hesitant to believe at first, it’s going to be hard for him not to believe in the Other Side after Episode 4, “The Devil Has a Face.”

ABC Family has released the complete synopsis, and it sounds like there’s no denying now what happened. Lucky for Caleb and Miranda, they are no longer alone in figuring out what’s happening to her, and somehow more people can see her. Here’s what we know:

Caleb meets a long lost relative in the hopes of better understanding his current situation. Still unnerved by what he witnessed during the séance, Luke searches for a distraction, but realizes there may be no escape from what’s haunting the group. Olivia bonds with Miranda and is surprised to discover their families may have a shared history. And Caleb is caught between new and old loyalties when he struggles to share what’s happening in Ravenswood with Hanna.

Meanwhile, Remy and Caleb investigate an intriguing new clue into the town’s past. Luke is surprised to find common ground with Tess. And Miranda thinks she may have finally found what she has been searching for.

Interesting. Last we heard, Luke was warning Olivia that Tess isn’t a good friend, so what happened to change that? And what exactly is Miranda searching for: A way to be alive again? Answers from her uncle? The story behind that gravestone with her face on it? We’re hoping for all three.

Tune in to ABC Family on Tuesday, November 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT for Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 4 “The Devil Has a Face.”

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