The Bachelor 2014 Episode 4 Synopsis: What to Expect in South Korea
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2014 Episode 4 Synopsis: What to Expect in South Korea

“What happens when Juan Pablo decides not to kiss every girl?” the Season 18 Episode 4 Bachelor synopsis asks. We’re going to start with nothing good and go from there… Basically, the claws come out in South Korea, and that’s all you need to know to get your head in the game. Six of the girls hang with “K-Pop” superstars 2NE1, who teach them a choreographed routine. Spoiler alert: It looks like maybe the girls were a little distracted and didn’t learn a ton of the dance to heart. A video shows them jumping around aimlessly in front of a huge mall of people. While professional dancer Kat Hurd has no problem showing off her mad skills, Nikki Ferrell has to overcome her “serious case of stage fright” in order to carry on. After their “performance,” one of the girls sidelines him to tell him she’s not into the group dates.

During a 1-on-1,
Sharleen Joynt and Juan Pablo explore a “quaint” market, buy souvenirs, try “local exotic foods,” and then hang at a teahouse. Sharleen has some “doubts and fears” (raise your hand if you’re not surprised), and lets him know what’s up. But when he asks her about how she’ll maintain her opera career and balance motherhood, she doesn’t know what to say.

The other six ladies get a “Korean Craze” tour, full of a river tour on swan paddleboats, a fish pedicure, and one girl makes things “ugly” when she tries to pull Juan Pablo into her own world. Want one guess who it could be? Check out the promo. And while her efforts may pay off in the end, it’s possible they backfire, since Juan Pablo decides not to kiss anyone. In fact, one gal moves in for a kiss and gets rejected. Yikes.

At the cocktail party, the girls decide that anyone with a rose already should back the heck off and give the rest of the ladies some time, but one girl breaks that agreement. Because it’s a competition, you guys, remember? In the end, two girls go home. We’ll tell you who if you promise to tell us what you’re wearing for Sean and Catherine’s wedding!

Tune in to watch it all go down on Monday, January 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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