The Bachelor 2014 Episode 5: Clare Crawley Causes Big Trouble in Vietnam! (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2014 Episode 5: Clare Crawley Causes Big Trouble in Vietnam! (VIDEO)

How these girls keep their hands off Juan Pablo Galavis remains a mystery to us. Oh wait, wrong show. On this season of The Bachelor, the girls can barely take their mouths off of the man of the moment, and we're looking at Clare Crawley as the spirit guide to first base in this aventura. Homegirl is making enemies with her insistence on separating Juan Pablo from the pack, and from what we've seen of the Bachelor Season 18 Episode 5 promo, it looks like she isn't getting milder with her hot hot heat for JPG anytime soon.

In fact, it looks like she paddles herself the wrong way down the river, and it might have some major repercussions moving forward. While on the group date with Juan Pablo, she steals him away in a boat, steals him from the cocktail party — and if our eyes aren't deceiving us, she even sneaks up to his hotel room! Is he thrilled? Maybe, but we're thinking notsomuch, since in the last few moments of the sneak peek, he's clearly unhappy with her.

Clare cries, but is it too late for her — either with Juan Pablo or the other girls? Meanwhile, if Clare's drama isn't your thing, you can also watch him kiss Nikki Ferrell and maybe Renee Oteri, if girlfriend ditched her low-key Florida look for some hoop earrings.

What do you notice most in the promo? How do you feel about Clare right now? Any other girls who are causing problems in your book? Tell us! We're more than all ears.

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